About Carmen


“Battling the Obesity Epidemic in Our Children!”

Colorful Top Arms Crossed SmallAuthor of the forthcoming children’s nutrition education book series, Insane Body Science” and “The Mischievous Sweet Tooth“,¬†inspiring Motivational Speaker and Global Child Health Educator, Carmen Johnson is known for her entertaining, customized and research driven programs geared towards Winning the Junk Food Battles with Your Kids -Without Fussing, Screaming or Fighting! and making healthy eating a whole lot easier.

Carmen answers every child’s burning question…WHY?

Why can’t I have lots of sugar? Why can’t I eat snack foods for dinner viagra generic? WHY?? Why is everyone always fussing about my food choices generic cialis? WHY? WHY? WHY?


Trained through the SUNY accredited program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Board Certified Health Coach and having spent a decade in pharmaceutical sales teaching physicians, Carmen brings her talent for simplifying complicated scientific and nutritional information into an enjoyable and understandable format that leaves her audience with a clearer understanding of how they can influence their own health by the food choices they are making.

As a Global Child Health Advocate who has taught nearly 50,000 parents & children alike in 13 different countries, Carmen has followers all over the world cialis online pharmacy. The results of her teachings allow her audience to make better choices for themselves and their families, as cell health is something universal to us all! Anyone who listens to Carmen walks away inspired and motivated to start eating healthier buy cialis online! And, best of all, they understand WHY! See what others are saying…here!

Her signature Kids’ Nutrition Video Series – Insane Body Science & Winning the Junk Food Battles 3 Step Program¬†makes “parenting” over food choices so much easier! Get the videos FREE here!

Training and Education

B.C.H.C. РBoard Certified Health Coach,  2011
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC – Accredited by SUNY
A.A.D.P. – American Association of Drugless Practitioners, 2011

Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Sales Experience 1992-2000
C.P.A. (S.C.), 1992
B.S. – Business Administration, College of Charleston, SC, 1989

Contact Information

Phone: (704) 641-9176
Email: carmenj@carolina.rr.com
Not-For-Profit: www.feed-the-mind-foundation.org