School Lunches

7 Top Lunchbox Mistakes Affecting Your Child’s Health

1. Too Much Sugars 2. More GOOD Fats/ Less BAD Fats 3. Limit Food Dyes, Chemicals, Preservatives 4. Poor Drink Choice - liquid calories with too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, dyes 5. Not Enough Fruits 6. Not Enough Fresh Veggies 7. Consistently leaving out whole food groups If you want to learn more...

Weekly Lunch:Snack Planner - Filled Out
How to Pack The Perfect Lunchbox!

School has just started and parents are e-mailing me in a panic!! "What should I fix my kids for lunch today?" Now, if you are like me, you get stumped each morning when you look in the fridge and have to come up with a yummy lunch...

Food Fight with the School Board !!

Our School Board, which established a "Nutrition" Committee last year to investigate ways to get the Fast Food out of our schools, came back this year saying...