Halloween Candy “How To’s”


23 Oct Halloween Candy “How To’s”

If your kids are anything like mine used to be, they love to dress up in costumes and absolutely thrive on how much sugar they can collect (and eat) in a single night!  I remember doing the same exact thing as a child. And every parent still wonders: How Do I Get Rid of Most of the Candy after the big event?

Check out these Top 7 Tricks to get rid of most of the Halloween Candy:


1. Follow the 9 Finger Fit Rule (TM) – dole out the candy this way: After your child has eaten 9 good things, then they can have 1 Trick or Treat Candy.  Keep repeating until the candy is gone. This helps with moderation.

9 Finger Fit Photo

2. Outdoor Exercise/Chore Reward – Keep the leftover candy in a jar. For every 1/2 hour your “coach potato” child plays outdoors, they can select and eat 1 piece of candy!  For your “highly active” child, you could dole out the candy as rewards for helping with the dishes, cleaning up their room, taking out the trash, setting the table.


3.  GingerBread House – Thanksgiving is coming up fast. If you’re going to make a GingerBread House, you can use your Halloween Candy to help decorate it. Check out this photo!


Halloween Candy Gingerbread House

4. Drop your excess Halloween Candy off at your nearest Police Station. Those men and women protect us daily and certainly don’t get paid what they are worth!  Sharing your treats with them is a way of saying Thanks! to our Armed Forces!

Police Officer with Kids

5. Turn Unwanted Candy into CASH!! – Simply Google “Halloween Buy-Back Programs” in your area. Many Dentist offices will actually pay your child per pound of candy they turn in!!  It’s a cool way to get a little mad money for you child to spend on something else.

Halloween BuyBack Program

6. Take your Candy to the old folks homes over the weekend and let the elderly folks have their own Trick or Treat from your child’s candy stash. Have your little goblins all dressed up for show and see the smiles they’ll create for everyone!

7. Poster Board Fun - Have your child draw a picture but don’t color it in. Instead, use the unwrap your Halloween Candy to “color in” their drawing. It’s a super fun activity and kids get to be creative with their candy! ( Graphic Source, go here). Isn’t this so cool? It’s make with Airhead Extremes, Hot Tamales, Skittles, Twizzlers, Blow Pops, etc! Inspire your child and see how creative they can be:-)

candy collage

Time to Weigh In……What’s your VOTE for your favorite way to handle Halloween Candy this Season?? Please tell us below! Mine is #7:-)

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