March is ….National Nutrition Month


04 Mar March is ….National Nutrition Month

Kids Video  - SugarMarch is  National Nutrition Month – what a boon for all of our kids that our nation takes an entire month to focus on healthy eating habits and the importance of proper nutrition! 
As our contribution to National Nutrition Month, The Healthy Kids Revolution is proud to share our 3 part videos series for kids to help end food battles and help them understand the simple science of eating healthy.
How do we do this? 
These videos answer every child’s burning question of  “Why? Why can’t I have the cookie, candy or sugary cereal today?”
If your kids have already seen Insane Body Science, I’d really appreciate you taking 3 minutes right now to share with your school and 5 of your friends:-)
If your children haven’t seen the videos, you can get instant access to these free videos right now…..CLICK HERE!
Here’s what Lis Ottaviano experienced when she showed these videos to her 4th graders at Minot Forest Elementary:

Lisa Ottaviano, Guidance Counselor

Minot Forest Elementary School, Wareham, MA

I used Insane Body Science for a classroom guidance lesson for our fourth grade students.  The class had an ice cream social later that day and the teacher observed the following at the ice cream social:

Student 1 (while eating a gummy worm): “What do you think is in a gummy worm, anyway?”

Student 2: “Pure sugar!”

Student 3: “No, sugar AND food dyes!”

Student 1 spit the gummy worm out of her mouth and into the trash!!  

Isn’t that fantastic? Thanks again for the videos!


 Get instant access to these free videos right now =======>>  CLICK HERE!
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