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1.) FREE 26 Minute Video – “3 Changes You MUST Make Today to Protect Your Health & That Of Your Family!”

2.) 2 Hr. Video Training Series – “Virtual Nutrition for Busy Moms” – Learn Where to Shop, What to Buy to save you time and money!

3.) Free Digital Book – Integrative Nutrition on Health, Wellness & Proper Eating – Download here!

4.) Free Healthy Recipes – scroll through the alphabetized list - Download here


1.) Free 30 Minute Video – “3 Changes You MUST Make Today to Protect Your Health & That Of Your Family!”


Would you like to feel better, gain energy, and lose weight successfully starting NOW?

  • These 3 Critical Factors have the greatest Effect on Your Health, Your Weight, Your Blood Pressure, Your Mood, Your Energy Level and more…
Please take a few minutes to learn this life changing Information. It’s something your doctor simply doesn’t have time to teach you!

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2.) 2 Hr. Video Series – “Virtual nutrition for busy moms”


Learn 98% of what you need to know about eating for Optimal Health in under 2 hours!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 4-part Mini Series…..

  • What’s Unhealthy in Your Foods?    3 Simple Guidelines Make it a No-Brainer
  • What to Buy? … Where To Shop?  …We’ll share out Healthiest Substitutes
  • Simple, Healthy “On The Go” Snacks that Kids love!
  • 10- Minute Meals for the Time-Crunched Mom!

Want to know more?  …Read the full details below:

Video 1  –  What’s Unhealthy in our Foods?  ( 25 minute video)

  • Learn how to identify – quickly and easily – dangerous ingredients in your foods
  • Identify the Poisons in Disguise that could be harming your family
  • Read labels RIGHT to save your life.
  • Be an Informed Consumer – know the REAL facts about food additives that are destroying the health of you and your family.

Video 2 –   What to Buy? … Where To Shop?  …Learn Healthy Substitutes ( 25 minute video + resources!)

  • When to buy ORGANIC  – “Dirty Dozen, Clean 15” list eliminates the confusion
  • Healthy Shopping List  – what to buy to stock your pantry with Healthy fare
  • Where can I get the best foods for my family?    local …organic…in season
  • Grocery Store Price Chart – shows which major chain stores will save you the most money on   recommended staples!  The list will surprise you!…and cut your shopping time since you don’t have to spend time examining labels.  I’ve done that for you!

 Video 3  –   Simple, Healthy Snacks……! ( 25 minutes + resources!)

  • Get an Amazing List of 43 Simple Healthy Snacks you can fix in minutes – I’ll go through the list visually displaying many of the snacks….you’ll be able to recall them from simple sight! Keep the list taped inside your pantry for quick reference.
  • Experimenting with Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, and going RAW
  • “Think Outside the Box” – you’ll start to understand why moving away from packaged/processed foods is so critical to the continued health of your family. A little bit of science gives you a whole new perspective on how food is working in your body – both good and bad!

Video 4  –  10- Minute Meals for the Time-Crunched Mom! ( 40 minute video + resources!)

  • Killer Recipes that can make Multiple Meals out of A Single Dish! Each recipe has less than 8 ingredients!
  • Tried & True Crock Pot…… You’ll get my favorite simple recipes that saves a TON of time
  • How to make a Vitamixer or other blender fit into your morning routine
  • How to sneak veggies into your picky child’s meal

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As an Added Bonus, you’ll be added to the FaceBook page – “The Healthy Kids Revolution”. Here, you’ll get answers to your questions, send in items you want a better substitute for  and have non-stop support of other mother’s just like you, as well as access to me, your Virtual Nutrition Coach!  That alone could cost $150 a month or more!

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Learn 98% of what you need to know about eating for Optimal Health in under 2 hours for only $47!



Let me Make This Easy for You …and…..I’ll see you on the Healthier Side!

Sincerely, Carmen

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