Kids’ Nutrition 101 – Live, Interactive Nutrition Workshops

Personal Milestone: I have taught over 50,000 parents & children globally over the past 4 years through video and in-person demonstrations.  I’d love to come teach your children, too!


Kids’ Nutrition 101 – Insane Body Science is designed to help combat Childhood Obesity & other diseases by “bridging the gap” between Knowledge and Understanding about how sugars, bad fats, food dyes and chemicals work harm inside your child’s body.  I do that by answering every child’s burning question of “Why? Why can’t eat this snack? Why can’t I eat that snack? Why is my mom always fussing at me about Sugar & junk foods? Why??”   


My unique, proprietary teaching method is designed to educate children in Grades K-6 using age-related visuals such as bouncy balls, play dough, Bob – my demonstration buddy and much more to explain simple cell science in a way that children relate to and understand!  Just think about it.  If every single part of your body is made up of “cells”, then don’t you think feeding your cells healthy things matter? Sure it does…and the kids GET IT!


After being taught this fun and zany nutrition series, children have become Ambassadors of Healthy Eating – not only changing their eating habits, but influencing their friends, their families and their communities!


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“Train up a child in the way he should go. When he is grown, he will not veer from it!”  


Each class can run between 30 – 45 minutes in length either in your school or in your home

Educational resources will be provided at each session where appropriate.


Class 1 : The Simple Science of Our Bodies - an interactive lesson on the Human Body and Cell Health. Your children will learn how Too Much Sugar, Bad Fats & Toxins cause their cells to not operate the way they were intended – illustrated with Bouncy Balls (cells) and Water Tubes (receptors) to utilize tactile senses along with Power Point Visual. Body Bob – the velcro human body replica, allows his organs to be pulled out and examined for getter retention & understanding!



Class 2: Sugars Blues- We’ll play the Sugar Gamefinding out how much Sugar they eat every day compared to AHA guidelines on what is recommended for them! They love this. I go through a Power Point Visual of some of kid’s favorite snack foods/breakfast foods and show them exactly how much Sugar they are actually consuming on a daily basis. One 4th Grade child said during a recent class “Mrs. Johnson, I think I might be on Sugar-Overload!” Wow, he got it!

Class 3: Nutrition Detective, Part I - a fun, interactive game where children learn about how to read nutrition labels, giving them the ability to distinguish between “Smart” choices and “Empty” Choices! Power Point visual along with physical product packages to handle for sensory touch.

Class 4: Nutrition Detective – Part IIanother fun, interactive lesson that exposes children to unique, healthy fruits and veggies. We’ll actually experience with tasting these live. Power Point for visual stimulation; Fresh Foods for touch & taste senses.

Class 5: Helping Your Parents Feed You “Smart Foods” – Interactive skit done with Puppets to teach children the ways to approach their parents about healthy eating. I encourage the children to “help” their parents find /prepare good foods for them to eat in a kind and loving way. Their parents are extremely busy with all of their obligations and are trying to do their absolute best, and the children need to understand that they have a KEY role in the family eating dynamics. They CAN change their world and they leave feeling confident and empowered to know that they can “help” the grown-ups!

Class 6: Get That Body Moving – Talking About the Importance of Exercise and different ways to get the whole family involved. We’ll review the Presidential Fitness Test, demonstrate each of the exercises needed to achieve this certification and they will take home a copy of the fitness test with their baseline so that they can tract their improvement.

Class 7: Healthier Substitutes – In this class, I explore your child’s favorite snacks and meals and where appropriate, give them healthier alternatives. Details discussion continues here around what certain foods and additives can do to your child’s body. With repeated exposure to the consequences of their choices, children begin to understand the connect between food/mood/energy.

Class 8: Emotional Eating - Everyone experience Emotional Eating at some points in their lives. This class walks the children through the psychology of emotional eating and offers multiple avenues for resisting the impulse to soothe themselves through food…providing them with a game-plan for when these “feeling” surface and action steps to take to protect their health.

Other classes , such as cooking and gardening, are available to be tailored to your groups needs. This just serves as an example of the types of teaching opportunities that I can provide for your children’s groups.


* These rates are negotiable based upon total # of Classes requested to teach and/or special budgetary constraints.

Suggested Group Rate: $1 per child per 30 min class + 15 min Q&A. I can usually teach 25-50 kids in a classroom or up to 100 children at a time in the gym.  Let’s talk to see what works out best!

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. It would be my pleasure to be of service to your budding young children as they seek to reach their Optimal Health! 704-641-9176


Carmen Johnson, BCHC

Board Certified Health Coach
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