Hi Carmen,

I used your healthy kids videos for a classroom guidance lesson for a fourth grade class.  The teacher observed the following at the ice cream social later that day:

Student One: (while eating a gummy worm): “What do you think is in a gummy worm anyway?”

Student Two: “Pure sugar”

Student Three: “No, sugar AND food dyes”

Student One: Spit the gummy worm out of her mouth and into the trash!!  Isn’t that fantastic? Thanks again for the videos!

Lisa Ottaviano, Guidance Counselor

Minot Forest Elementary School, Wareham, MA


Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I’m so happy you asked us to respond to your presentation.  First of all, I felt it was an excellent presentation .  You are so friendly and animated that the children immediately responded to you.  I loved that you had visuals both on the smart board and with the swimming tube and play dough.  The entire presentation was on their level.  You asked excellent questions and therefore received great answers from the children.  It definitely made an impact on them.  They left with facts to hold on to and specifics to tell their parents.  Thanks for your time and talent.

Kathy Thomann, Teacher of 30 years  (1st Grade)

St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School, Charlotte, NC 


Dear Carmen,

I thought you did a wonderful job of relating to our 1st grade children on their level!  Your presentation was exciting and interesting, due to your enthusiasm about the topic. The children did learn about nutrition; as a matter of fact, they were looking at their snack bags and trying to read the various labels. They were shocked to learn that one small bag of brownies was over the limit of sugar for the day!  I would welcome more opportunities to teach the children more about nutrition.  I think one definite need is the education about fast food nutrition (or should I say lack of ?) as so many families now have “drive-through” dinner.

Thanks again!

Linda Barich, Teacher of 25 years ( 1st Grade)

St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School, Charlotte, NC 


3:43pm Oct 19 ~  I just love the simplicity and angle you’ve chosen to get the information across. I think you’ve taken what could be a very confusing aspect (the cell, it’s components and how it works) and made it so incredibly easy to understand. You have a great presence when you speak and I’d love to have the confidence to present myself like you. Congrats! Shannon Wallace – Health Coach, Mother of 2, Charlotte, NC


Hi Carmen,

Thank you so much for speaking to my 8th grade class!   I thought you would enjoy knowing that one of my students went home and told her Mom about what she learned today and then proceeded to critique the nutritional value of food in her pantry! Most were surprised at how much sugar they consume in a day and more shocked to know the recommended allowance is 16 grams!  We also talked about the dyes in food—also a surprise.  They said they would be interested in you returning and to talk about what snacks they could be eating that are healthier.  Knowing that parents do grocery shopping and cooking, I think the kids want to know what THEY can do to eat healthier.  Most enjoyed your positive energy as well.

Have a great day! J

Nancy Russo, MA, LPC, NCC      (8th Grade Counselor)

Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School, Charlotte, NC


Ms. Johnson,

Thank you so much for coming to teach our K-7th grade students at Brookstone Elementary.

I can say without a doubt that you have made a tremendous impact on the way these children think about foods now that you’ve explained how junk food actually does harm them!  They are constantly checking their snacks for sugar content and I’m seeing more fresh fruits come to school with the children. They seem excited to take better care of their bodies. You’ve done a great job with them!

Sharisse Stafford, Principal

Brookstone Elementary School, Charlotte, NC

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Brilliant! Had a huge fight, tears and the whole shebang this morning at the breakfast table about adding MORE sugar to a relatively healthy corn porridge. I threatened to find info on the web to prove that sugar is poison and you provided the perfect tool! In a much more palatable and friendly way than I could ever dream to give my kids :) English is our second language, but I will translate the difficult terms. DON’T STOP DOING THIS, MS CARMEN!
My daughter, Noelle ( 1st Grade) , loved when you went to her classroom to talk about nutrition. She came home from school that day and started checking the sugar content in all of our pantry and refrigerator food. She saw an M&M yogurt, and said, “Mom,  we can’t have this – too many sugars.”  I was so impressed with what she learned from you in your class session.  She now continues to think before she has sweets and treats.
My dad, her grandfather, took us to Dairy Queen a week or so ago, and she stopped and thought twice before having the chocolate dipped cone.  She still had the cone that day, but she did think that this is a treat to do once in a while and not all the time because of the sugar content.
Thanks again for what you are doing to help children live a healthy lifestyle.
Take care-
Michelle Rogers, Mother, Charlotte, NC

Hi, Carmen —  You might find this funny…you’ve unknowingly become a “healthy food authority” in our house…we’ve been encouraging healthier choices for a few years now, but I think our son (6th grade) is really taking it to heart as he’s finally seeing one of his buddies (i.e., your son, Case!) making such choices and being so informed.  He’ll often ask if certain foods are healthy, and I love that I can say “Mrs. Johnson would not approve” or “Mrs. Johnson would approve” to resolve it.   You truly are a household name in our house! :)  His mindfulness around food choices is rubbing off on our other elementary school children, which is wonderful.   It’s such a gift you are giving these kids…from one mom’s view, you are doing a great service to the MACS community, and we are grateful and encouraged…thank you so much!

Kathleen, mother of 3

Carmen! Thank YOU!! Love that you are so passionate about what you do. Ramsey ( 4th Grade) was talking about your presentation at the dinner table tonight. It definitely sunk in with him….especially the sugar part which is what I wanted him to take away from your talk. Here’s to less sugar consumed by our family!! oxo
Virginia White, Charlotte, NC


I just had to email you to tell you what an amazing inspiration you were to Cole ( 4th Grade) today.  In 4 1/2 years of schooling, he has NEVER come home and explained anything like he came home to explain your presentation today.  He spent dinner tonight educating us on eating healthier for all the reasons you discussed.  He was so enthusiastic and literally said that you were inspiring (his word, not mine!)  He said that you were just awesome and asked me when we are going to give up processed food for a week.  We have talked about it for some time, but we will do it sometime over Lent.  He also said he didn’t want school lunches anymore because my packed lunches are so much healthier!  :)
I hope you feel accomplished today because you were!
Thanks so much for giving your time to the school and Mrs. Sullivan’s class.  Cole was very lucky to be in the group you addressed.
See you soon,
Jen Knapp, Charlotte, NC



My wife and I thought it would be a good idea to have Carmen Johnson come to our home to talk to our family about healthy eating.  We were particularly concerned about the amount of sugar our children consume.  As a result of Carmen’s health coaching visit, our children ( 6th & 8th grade) are watching their sugar intake based upon the guidelines she taught us and we are much more aware of what constitutes healthy eating.  The result of this new knowledge has made the children want to go grocery shopping with us – not to pick out treats as before, but to find healthier choices by reading labels for snacks and food items to pack in their lunches.  In approximately 90 minutes Carmen gave us a crash course in cellular biology, portion control and food industry marketing tactics.   We were very impressed with her subject knowledge and how she made what can be a very mundane subject, engaging and fun.  Since our coaching with Carmen, my wife and I no longer feel guilty when we say “no” to sugary and chemically laden treats and it’s so much easier because the children now have a better understand of why.  For those of you interested in increasing your family’s “nutrition IQ,” we would recommend Carmen.  It’s a great investment in your family’s health!

Mark Greenwald, Charlotte, NC



Thank you so much for giving our family a start on our road to better nutrition!  We have taken some time to “digest” the info from your visit (pun intended!), and it has been interesting to say the least as to how everyone has reacted to it, some big and some small.  Examples:

Dad (me):  I went to the Harris Teeter right after you left, and bought nothing but real “food”:  fruits, vegetables, fresh bread, etc.  Despite the hit to the pocketbook, it felt good to bring home good stuff.  Most of it has been eaten this week.

Tiara ( mom) :  went to the supermarket to pick up a lunchtime snack.  instead of getting her usual bag of chips, she instead opted for mixed berries!

Eleanore:  she is the hardest nut to crack, but instead of having crackers for dinner one night, she got yogurt, a fresh apple, then finished off with a smaller portion of cheddar cheese and triscuits.

Dan:  has learned to cook his own “eggs over easy” and has cooked it for himself at least three times this week as an after-school snack or breakfast.

Juliet:  generally, she is our best eater, and is always willing to try new stuff.  She is constantly looking at the “added sugar” content on everything she consumes now!

The key for us will be to see if we can sustain being disciplined about the newfound knowledge that we have, especially over the holidays.  I’ll touch base with you in the new year to let you know how we are fairing.

Thank you again, and have a wonderful Christmas with your boys!

-John Miechkowski, Charlotte, NC

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