What your child’s tongue says about his/her health!


13 Jan What your child’s tongue says about his/her health!

What Your Child’s Tongue Says About His/Her Health and Why They¬†Should Use A Tongue Scraper:

tongue health 101

tongue health 101

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According to Ayurvedic medicine, scraping the tongue with a specialized utensil does much more for your body than simply brushing your teeth. While teeth brushing eliminates plaque buildup on the tooth, preserves whiteness, and minimizes the chance of developing gum disease, tongue scraping eliminates toxins and bacteria, keeps breath smelling fresh, removes food particles, enhances flavor, and gently stimulates the internal organs.

Significance of build up on tongue:
– eating too much soft or overcooked foods
– eating too sugary, too fatty, or too salty foods
– lack of proper cleaning
– overeating
– faulty organ function

I thought identifying Faulty Organ Function was amazing: ¬†Many spots of the tongue correlate with possible internal body issues. Mine was spot on ( no pun intended:-) with the patches on my tongue and my sensitive tummy! ¬†Do you see the correlation between your child’s tongue patterns and issues they may be experiences? If so, post your comments below!

Added bonus: ¬†Tongue scraping may be one of the easiest ways for your children to curb their¬†sugar cravings because it doesn’t even require a change to their¬†diet or your daily routine (yay!). Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that added sugar is one of the leading causes of disease today. Sugar¬†corrupts healthy¬†cell function and the body cannot make ATP (energy) efficiently; cancer cells (which are ever-present) are able to survive and breed; and it is an addictive substance.

tongue scraper - found at your local drug store

tongue scraper – found at your local drug store

Think of all the times you indulged in a salty food only to crave something sweet shortly there after. ¬†Then, ¬†you indulged in the sweet and found yourself craving salt again! ¬†Arg! That¬†quickly leads¬†to overeating! One of the reasons that this cycle happens is because some of those food particles that were not chemically digested stuck to your tongue, confusing your digestive system and causing a huge imbalance in your whole system. And, if it’s happening to you, then it’s most definitely happening to your developing children, as well. ¬†BUT, with the help of a tongue scraper, you all can remove all of that bacteria and buildup of particles, which reduces those cravings and rebalances the¬†body!

Better yet, if you don’t crave flavors like sugar and salt so strongly and your tongue is more sensitive to taste, then you don’t have to add as much to your food either!

So amazing and simple, isn’t it?! Be sure to use in the morning,¬†gently,¬†and reach¬†way back on the tongue to where¬†most of the bacteria and food particles build up! Tongue cleaners come in a small, triangular shape with a handle or a stainless-steel U- shape, providing balanced full coverage. I would definitely advise using the stainless steel U-shaped one as an adult. However, for pediatrics, I think the smaller triangular rubber version pictured above is a great option! Happy cleaning ¬†and let us know what you think about Tongue Scarping in the comments below :-)

Love, Caroline

P.S. Word of Caution:¬† ¬†Both children and adults can experience a “gag” reflex when scraping their tongues, so advise your children not to press to firmly and be very gentle when scraping near the back of the tongue. That’s where the “gag” reflex is strongest!


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